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ACS Professional Year Program (ICT)



ACS's Professional Year Program gives international ICT/computing graduates from Australian universities the practical job skills and training needed to enhance their career prospects.

NIT’s Professional Year program is an exciting program designed to equip the new IT professional with a set of highly sought-after professional skills that will help you on your way to a new career , by offering employability training, practical internships and relevant workplace knowledge, while paving the migration pathway for those seeking to make Australia their new home.

A practical pathway from university to employment, Professional Year ensures that graduates are job-ready.

  • Duration

44-52 weeks (Internship included)

  • Study Mode
Face-to-face: Coursework and Internship components
Online: Professional Environments component
  • Location

Perth City: 251 – 255 Stirling Street, Perth WA 6000

Entry Requirements

Applicants are required to attend an interview as part of the application process. They must:

* Preference will be given to those currently on a 485 Temporary Graduate visa (either Graduate Work or Post-Study Workstream) or active Bridging Visa as a result of 485 Temporary Graduate visa application. NOTES:

  • Participants who already have permanent residency or who hold other visas which have full work and study rights for the duration of the PY Program may also be accepted, subject to approval by ACS.
  • Secondary visa holders of other visa subclasses such as 457, 489 or 402 visas may also be eligible to undertake Professional Year Program, subject to approval by ACS.
  • No visa extensions will be granted in order to complete the ACS Professional Year Program. Therefore, prospective applicants who already hold a valid visa will require a minimum of 12 months validity on their visa before commencing the ACS Professional Year Program.
  • ACS Skills Assessment is not an entry requirement for the course, however, we recommend applicants undertake a Temporary Graduate Skills Assessment prior to enrolling in the Professional Year Program for future skills consideration.

Course Structure

The first two components are delivered simultaneously in the classroom, covering 250 contact hours. The Professional Environments (PE) component which is delivered by the ACS will run in conjunction with the internship period. And the program will be delivered in the following sequence:


CPW1 – Performance in business meetings

CPW2 – Workplace communication

CPW3 – Presentations

CPW4 – Business writing

CPW5 – Reporting to managers

 EAW1 – Australian workplace culture

EAW2 – Workplace relationships

EAW3 – Professional Performance

EAW4 – Prepare a tailored job application

EAW5 – Interview preparation

Professionalism in ICT is designed to demonstrate what it means to be a professional in a chosen field. This online module will provide the opportunity to develop and maintain an e-portfolio, which can be built on following completion of the Professional Year program.

Issues related to Business, Legal and Ethical content in the workplace is also covered. The online module is for 13 weeks and runs parallel to the student internship.

One of the most significant aspects of the Professional Year program, an internship placement will be for a minimum period of 240 hours and is normally 12 weeks and can be part-time or full-time. This provides practical ICT workplace experience in an Australian based organisation.

Note: Course structure, units and content are subject to change during the delivery period due to change in legislative requirements or due to NIT’s course review process.



5 Migration Points

Gain 5 extra points upon successful completion of the PYear program*.


Migration Skills Assessment

The Professional Year is equivalent to one year of work experience for ACS skills assessment.


IT Internship

Gain work experience through a hands-on internship with an Australian company.

* Graduates may claim five (5) points under an eligible skilled occupation. Completion of this program may provide the PYear graduate with five (5) points under an eligible skilled occupation, as specified by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA). ACS website 09/07/2019.

Frequently Asked Questions

NIT Australia is the only ACS PY provider specialised in IT in WA. Hear from NIT students, trainers and host companies on why you should join ACS Professional Year at NIT Australia.

Our Difference

IT Specialist

We specialise in ICT training and education. NIT is a professional partner of Australian Computer Society (ACS), an authorised CISCO Academy, VMware Academy, CompTIA Academy, IBM Academic Initiative Partner and Microsoft Imagine Partner.

100% of our students get an internship

With having more than 100 companies on board, we can ensure our internship consultants work closely to get you the best possible position. There you can get hands-on IT experience in an Australian organisation, this allows you to gain relevant skills but also looks very appealing to other employers in Australia.

Learn from professionals

Our trainers are highly experienced in the business and IT industry, but on top of that, they genuinely care and want the best for all their students. We support our students through all aspects of the course, including communicating and engaging professionally as well as helping you adapt to the Australian workplace culture.

Get career advice in the IT field

We know it’s not easy deciding your best specialisation pathway or finding your first IT job in Australia. This is why we have our dedicated career advisors and trainers there, to give advice and help you overcome any struggles you may be having.

Ace your job interviews

Another opportunity we offer to you to get you 'job ready' is mock interviews. We invite real IT professionals and managers to conduct practise interviews. This allows you to get a real-life interview experience but also the opportunity to connect with these professionals in the IT industry.

Build your professional networks

One of the hardest parts of an international student finding a job is lack of network. Due to our relationships with many Australian IT businesses, organisations, and associations, we can help you connect with people from the industry to maximise your chances of employment success. You also get a free ACS Student membership for 12 months.


Internship Opportunity.
Gain work experience through a hands-on
internship with an Australian company.